Friday, 19 September 2014

Embracing The Now

After a wonderful holiday. I have returned home with fresh eyes and a sense of embracing here and now. Living in the moment and enjoying the little things.
This month so far has been very productive we are tackling the long 'to do' list at home and I'm getting into the mindset of tackling only one thing at a time. My usual style is to tackle everything and feel utterly overwhelmed. So I've taken a step back and it's done me the world of good. We are getting jobs done around the house that have needed doing for a long time, you know those ones you just ignore but they are also the jobs that niggle away at you. So, I've written my list, and steadily we are getting there. 

Pinterest as ever has been a great sense of inspiration and something I find really relaxing to do. Oh and I've started knitting again. Erm, I have also realised that I rarely finish projects unless I have a deadline, but with my new mind set I have decided to just go with the flow and enjoy it. Some pictures of my new project... A grey cable knit scarf, will be added later. I have been baking lots too. This afternoon it will be an apple cake for the weekend and playdough for my little boy. You can view my new favourite board titled September Love, of course. My aim is to create a board for each month to focus on all the joys that month brings. Even though we are still having beautiful warm days, the autumnal feel is in the air and those misty morning are a delight on the school run. I just love that feeling of embracing the changes of nature.

Images courtesy of Pinterest