Friday, 17 January 2014

Spring Bulbs

Adding a simple but little touch of beauty to the home is what I love doing... I love snow drops and after searching through a few of my old magazines filled with beautiful images of springtime flowers I decided to plant up these lovely bulbs that I picked up from my local market the other day. A handful of moss collected on our woodland walk at the weekend, and some pretty cup and saucers (I'm not a tea drinker, so as I didn't want these to just sit there never used, I decided they may as well have another purpose) and this is the result. I also potted up some bluebells into some vintage glass jars which will be displayed on the table. A simple yet beautiful way to add a touch of natures beauty to my home.

Hopefully they will look even more lovely when they come into bloom.

Warm wishes,

Friday, 10 January 2014

New Maileg Collection 2014

Every year, my favourite designers Maileg never fail to leave me as excited as a child and as eager to receive their new stock. The new collection for 2014 does not disappoint either. Filled with lots of super cute additions to the range and a definite focus on providing heirloom gifts you will treasure for years. One of the appeals of Maileg for me is that their range doesn't ever disappoint, you know that some items are limited edition and the popular basics from the range are always being updated slightly, so that they are still fresh and exciting... I just love it all.

This year we will be increasing our range with Maileg, but I thought you may like a little sneak peak of some of their new designs, please note though however that we have no dates for when the new collection will be with us... I'm estimating mid springtime.

My favourite products from the new range are...

A new micro bunny, this is a new born rabbit size and is a brand new addition to the collection...

Next is the cutest new baby crib... This is a firm favourite with us

Beautiful metal beds, my daughter though these very adorable... Available in two sizes

Miniature little crib for the newborn baby rabbit, it's so sweet, two colours in this size

New wooden pram colours

There are also some new accessories for the Maileg mouse range, but I will add those later.

I'm still waiting for the new price list so will be able to add an update once more info has been received.

I'm sure you will be delighted by these new products as much as we were.

Warm wishes,

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Embracing the New Year

I have had a wonderful time pinning on Pinterest the last few months, gorgeous pictures to inspire and delight my imagination. I've just created a new board called new year. I'm currently filling it with things that I want to focus on... Relaxing, embracing simple pleasures and enjoying nature.
Here are a few things I'm currently loving...

Freshly baked bread

Keeping cosy

Reading next to an open fire

Walks in the woods

Knitting or should I say trying to knit

I'm going to be adding Pinterest to the website shorty, but if you want to view the many things we are loving, especially me. You can view us here

Now I'm going to sit back and get a bit of planning in for all the new stock for the website.

Warm wishes

All images via Pinterest