Saturday, 15 February 2014

Crafting and Creating

Since the whether is so horrid at the moment I thought I may as well get started on an idea I got a few weeks back. So in anticipation of some wonderful whether and adventures to be had outdoors, I thought now was probably the best time to start my project, oh and the fact that it is half term too helps. I decided in the new year to make a satchel, then fill it with simple things for exploring and having fun. My aim is to have a bag that is always ready to be grabbed. One that will encourage exploring and enjoying nature.

Now as I am managing to juggle a toddler, that should be cuddle a toddler whilst trying to do everything nowadays (he loves being with me and helping). Things do take twice as much time to do now, but his enthusiasm and interest in all that I do are a good thing, ahem though not so helpful when doing some things. So it's very likely that this project may take twice as much time to do as it should, hence starting it now.

I thought the children's half term break was a good a time as any to start with the first faze of this creative project. That way my daughter can help too with cutting the pattern out and then assembling the bag. We are going to use the template and instructions from one of my favourite craft books Belle and Boo Book Of Craft, available here:

Belle and Boo Book of Crafts

This book is utterly gorgeous and has so many projects that I want to make. Well worth a look if you have children in your life and are creative. Now, we could always just buy a satchel but to be honest it's the fun of planning and making this bag that really appeals. That way my daughter will get to see how things are created and we will have a bag that is totally unique and one we can remember doing together for years to come. I'm going to up cycle as many bits as I can from some old handbags, then raid my fabric store for a suitable material. I'm also thinking of letting my daughter create the lining fabric. We have some Dylon fabric pens, so I thought they could work well. My daughter loves to draw, huskies/wolves are her current favourite.... Perfect for the bag and as I have lots of vintage white cotton fabric that she can use to draw on, all we will need to do is cut out the pattern first. It's either that or block printing which I fancy having a go at too, but this could prove too time consuming. I found a fantastic tutorial here....

Poppy Talk

So if we don't do block printing for this project I'm determined to do it for another, maybe a scarf for summer, hmmm.

Well this project we be ongoing so I'm planning on taking pictures during every stage, I just wish the sun would shine so I could get some good quality images. I will keep updating either this post or write a new one with our progress. It could take us some time.

Warm wishes

Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Sweet Valentine

I have spent the weekend feeling ill, so after having a day of doing very little (for once) due to needing to rest, I decided I may as well make the most of being stuck indoors and get in a creative spirit and make the most of all the fantastic Valentine images I had been spying everywhere. So as my current focus is living in the moment, I decided to spend some time embracing it by making some things for Valentines day.

Here's my list...
First up was some heart garlands, the perfect way to add a little love to the home. Simple and easy to make.
Second was to make a little felt heart with a pocket, just the right size for adding a little message, not the usual shopping list or random notes that are no fun to receive let alone write, but a thoughtful quote or funny message. I'm going to make one for my daughters birthday too.
Third was the all important card and wrapping paper. I have a few ideas, so I'm still trying to focus on which one is best.
And of course one of my gifts will be something home baked, but this will have to wait until closer to the date.

Now normally I would try and take pictures of these but as they are intended as a gift and Valentines day is still a few days away, pictures will have to wait.

Here are a few little things our customers are loving too. Little gifts and decorative touches for the home...

Little Porcelain Hearts
Zinc Heart Tea Light Holders
Rose Garland
Wing Trinket Dish
Wooden Quote Key

Bye for now

P.s. Bottom image is my hand written gift wrap and tag for my husbands gift. Simple to do but I love it.

Monday, 3 February 2014

The Beauty In Every Day

Sometimes I feel as if life is rushing by. Having children makes you notice how quickly days, months and years pass. For many years I have always focused on the future, having a business also creates this, your always planning and buying stock for events, months away. Plus a to do list is constantly on the go... Often creating a feeling of never having enough hours in the day. Never achieving everything I want, need or have to do.

However, in the last year and with the effects of limited broken sleep I was not feeling myself. So I have made 2014 the year where I focus on the now. Actually live in the moment, the month and season we are in. It's strange but this has made me open my eyes more than I could of ever realised. Often the focus was on the planning the need to tick that project, event, job off my 'to do' list without actually recalling being truly present in the moment it occurred. I can whole heartily say that it has done me the world of good slowing down, stepping back and realising that life is a story. My story... Hey inspirational quotes from Pinterest make you stop and think, many struck a chord with me. I have started to really use my sense when doing things now. Nature goes on regardless, months change and seasons pass. It's only when you pause, take a step back and realise how beautiful simple things are that a feeling of calm and happiness is present.

This year, I have decided will be about FUN. Planning is essential, so stress doesn't take over but as a person who enjoys planning as much as the occasion itself I have whole heartily embraced this. January actually did not rush by this year. I have managed to blog regularly. Bake with my children regularly and knit again, plus tackle random jobs and I have started reading books again, oh how I missed this. These things are so simple, but when time is limited it's these things that I instantly neglect. The last time I knitted was over three years ago, which was when I made knitted cupcakes for the business, they were very consuming but lovely. My current obsession is cable knit and I have for the first time ever managed to start knitting (abet with my very limited skills) a cable knit scarf. It's coming along nicely and even though it may not be finished until after spring I am loving how relaxing knitting is. Oh and sitting in front of the fire with a hot drink helps too.

This week I will be...
Meeting with close friends for a lovely meal
Reading some more of my new book
Visiting the park with my children
Going for a nature walk, spotting snowdrops and animals
Baking shortbread biscuits.
Potting up yet more plants in my ongoing attempts to bring a little bit of floral beauty into my home.

Simple things, but doing them with an appreciation of their beauty. Looking at things through a child's eyes. Just like my little boy, It's amazing seeing his excitement in discovering new things, a trait that has thankfully rubbed off onto me.

So I'm pleased it's February, lots of things to enjoy this month. I've already started planning a family craft activity for Valentines day, hopefully pictures on this will follow soon.

Bye for now,


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Busy Shopping

This week we are off to one of the business fairs to see what lovely new products we can discover. We have had a sneaky peak via some of suppliers websites, but I love seeing the new ranges in person. This ensures the products are a beautiful as you hope and also gives you some idea of the focus for the coming months. I have my eye on some lovely gardening accessories and also some new items for the home.

Sensible boots and a note pad will be essential oh and my trusty partner to get me there, I don't drive. Some times I take a friend along as it's always good fun. Especially the car journey, where we get chance to catch up on each other's news. This year it will be just me on the look out for new stock and new suppliers, fingers crossed I will get twice as much done as I will focus more, well that's the aim ;).

Some new ranges I have my eye on...

Sorry the images are not very good quality. We will be photographing these ourselves in due course.

Bye for now