Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Sweet Valentine

I have spent the weekend feeling ill, so after having a day of doing very little (for once) due to needing to rest, I decided I may as well make the most of being stuck indoors and get in a creative spirit and make the most of all the fantastic Valentine images I had been spying everywhere. So as my current focus is living in the moment, I decided to spend some time embracing it by making some things for Valentines day.

Here's my list...
First up was some heart garlands, the perfect way to add a little love to the home. Simple and easy to make.
Second was to make a little felt heart with a pocket, just the right size for adding a little message, not the usual shopping list or random notes that are no fun to receive let alone write, but a thoughtful quote or funny message. I'm going to make one for my daughters birthday too.
Third was the all important card and wrapping paper. I have a few ideas, so I'm still trying to focus on which one is best.
And of course one of my gifts will be something home baked, but this will have to wait until closer to the date.

Now normally I would try and take pictures of these but as they are intended as a gift and Valentines day is still a few days away, pictures will have to wait.

Here are a few little things our customers are loving too. Little gifts and decorative touches for the home...

Little Porcelain Hearts
Zinc Heart Tea Light Holders
Rose Garland
Wing Trinket Dish
Wooden Quote Key

Bye for now

P.s. Bottom image is my hand written gift wrap and tag for my husbands gift. Simple to do but I love it.

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