Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Embracing the New Year

I have had a wonderful time pinning on Pinterest the last few months, gorgeous pictures to inspire and delight my imagination. I've just created a new board called new year. I'm currently filling it with things that I want to focus on... Relaxing, embracing simple pleasures and enjoying nature.
Here are a few things I'm currently loving...

Freshly baked bread

Keeping cosy

Reading next to an open fire

Walks in the woods

Knitting or should I say trying to knit

I'm going to be adding Pinterest to the website shorty, but if you want to view the many things we are loving, especially me. You can view us here http://www.pinterest.com/MyChicCountry/

Now I'm going to sit back and get a bit of planning in for all the new stock for the website.

Warm wishes

All images via Pinterest

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