Thursday, 18 April 2013


Maileg have delighted us yet again with even more beautiful gifts for little ones. There attention to detail and ability to create products that you just know will become cherished gifts for years to come surpasses most other suppliers. As a mummy, I know how lovely it is to give and receive beautiful toys that will last years of paying with, but still capture a charm and visual impact that makes you want to have them on display, not stored in a cupboard out of site.

At last we are pleased to confirm that they have indeed proceeded with making the Circus tent... After waiting a whole year for this design to be svailable , I'm so eager to see how stunning this set really is.

With the arrival of more fabric toys such as the castle and boat. Little ones will be able to embrace their imaginations with these delightful new additions. I've already ear marked them as toys for my baby boy when he is old enough. As it is, he already loves his soldier rattle, it has been chewed and dribbled on more times than I care to remember, yet it still looks so lovely and obviously appealing. After all a nine month old with three teeth now, knows which toys are his favourite.

But back onto Maileg. This year the rabbit collection has changed slightly. They are no longer making rabbits in complete outfits. They now come dressed in their underwear. They still look lovely and additional clothing is not really needed. We will just be stocking the baby rabbit and little sister rabbit at present as we are lucky enough to of purchased many of the prince and princess rabbits when they were released last year. Please note however, that stock of these designs is limited so once they have gone, that will be it I'm afraid. This is sad, but it makes much more sense to buy additional clothing than new rabbits when a new design is released twice a year.

Mice, mice, mice. Mr and Mrs mouse are available again, but this time they are in their own little house gift box. Sadly Maileg have decided to no longer make the cigar box set. But we think the new design is just as charming.

We are also delighted with the new addition of tiny baby matchbox mice... They even have a little button dummy, just too cute for words. New spring/summer designs in the ever popular baby matchbox mouse and big sister matchbox mouse range will make yet another pleasing addition to our range. We've also managed to re order stock of the big sister matchbox mouse with floral dress in two colours.

We are anticipating new stock of the matchbox mouse by the end of April. As soon as stock has been delivered, we will be updating our collection and the product description pages to reflect this.

Hope you love them as much as we do.


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