Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Allotment Planning

I have not yet managed to make it down to our allotment this year. What with illness, rain and general cold weather whenever we had planned to go it. The last few months have just passed by. But it was lovely to be informed today by my husband that our plot is still looking ok and pretty much how we left it prior to Christmas. I had wondered if the shed could of blown down when we had all that bad weather a while back but thankfully it's still standing.

Some serious digging is in need but this job is going to be left to my husband this year. I did that back breaking yet very rewarding job last year but after some chats about getting on with this important job we have decided it's better if he goes on his own and concentrates. This year we will be planting the same things as last but since we have invested in some black matting to cover any sections that are dug over. Hopefully it will eliminate all that duplicate digging I had to do last year.

In Autumn last year I pre planned this years crop planting list which at first you would think would be easy but once you take crop rotation and companion planting into consideration it throws a whole to meaning to your basic planting schedule. The only problem is I can't remember which book I planned all this in and as someone who has a ridiculous amount of note books on the go it really could be any of them. Wish me luck finding it as I can't face trying to work it all out again.

On a positive note though, I entered a little competition on one of my new favourite blogs a few weeks back and was delighted to discover that I had won. A lovely packet of pumpkin seeds dropped through the post box this morning. And as pumpkins were one of our favourite things we grew last year. It will be lovely to have a go at growing some gigantic pumpkins... my daughter will be delighted. Thank you Emma. Please pop over to her wonderful blog... Bradshaw and sons, it's packed full of gorgeous adventures and things they have baked. She also a very inspiring blogger too.

I've also decided to plant even more herbs to use for my cutting garden. Now I'm just trying to focus on what flowers I want to grow too. They must be easy to grow, require little maintenance and like an open sunny plot. Any ideas?

I've already potted up some peas with my little boy as these are one of his favourite vegetables. And today I moved the strawberries from one planter to another to allow more space for growing flowers. My next job will be cleaning and planting up some more seeds. It's amazing how having a little one in tow gets you out in the garden more. In fact I can't wait for some warmer days to be here. I'm going to have a go at making these plant labels for the garden this year. Fingers crossed my husband will help as I'm not much use with anything sharp.


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