Friday, 28 March 2014

Maileg Collection 2014

Well this past week has been exceptionally busy. We have had lots and lots and LOTS of stock delivered, it's going to take me longer than expected to get through this amount as we are currently in the middle of our annual stock check, oh and call me crazy but I decided the stock room needed a Spring clean too.... Oh why does a job that you think will take a few days take so much longer. Needles to say we have lots of new stock to add to the website and a stock room that is only half organised, erm never a good plan.

However I jumped for joy the other day when we received the first instalment of our new Maileg collection. If you have read my blog before you will be aware that Maileg is one of my favourite companies and the collections they produce are simply stunning. Heirloom toys that a child or adult will keep forever. It is also a range that appeals to any age. We had a lovely lady purchase a Princess and the pea set the other day as a gift for her seventy year old mother, how lovely is that. Many of the items are limited edition too, so it's always best to buy it when you see it as we are never sure when a design will be discontinued. One of our best sellers was the Maileg Mouse House... It was loved by all, but sadly was discontinued. I fortunately kept one which my daughter still plays with. It toys like these that will never date or loose their charm.

Well on to some good news, all of the pictures below are of all of the new Maileg items that we have in stock. We will be added these items to the website during the next few weeks. My favourite is the metal bed, metal crib and the pumkin carriage, oh how I wish I was a child again.


Maileg Floppy Eared Rabbit
Maileg Lilac Pram

Maileg Crib
Maileg Metal Bed

Maileg Clothes Rail

Maileg Clothes Dryer

Maileg Little Sister Mouse

Maileg Pumpkin Carriage
Maileg Wooden Crib

Maileg Bunny and the Pea Set In Gift Box

Little Rabbit Outfit

Maileg Princess and the Pea in Gift Box

Maileg Little Suitcase

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