Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May + Gardens

I can't quite believe that May is here, but I'm so grateful for the warmer weather and sunshine... I love this month. The abundance of flowers I see each day is beautiful. Whether it be in other peoples gardens on our morning walk to school or an abundance of wild flowers when going for a walk. It really is lovely to see so much colour.

I'm also loving spending so much more time in our garden... Abet a small garden but still lovely. We have lots of flower seeds growing and vegetables too, waiting for transportation to the allotment. My little boy has managed to grow some french beans however he is more interested in constantly pulling the onions up then squealing as he doesn't like the roots. Thankfully, said onions are still growing even though they have been replanted a dozen or so times in one week. His other favourite job is watering the plants, in particular the lettuce leaves. Especially when he spots a snail or two hiding. His fascination with creepy crawlers makes me laugh. He is never happier than digging in mud, making mud pies and playing with water, sensory play is the best lol.

Our new garden collection is also proving very popular. As I really love enamel accessories, this new range was an instant hit for me... Mix enamel with a beautiful way to store all those bits you constantly use in the garden and a storage solution you want to use and display and I'm happy. Practical and beautiful!

I'm also loving the new BBC2 allotment show, The Big Allotment Challenge... I only came across this show by chance but I'm really enjoying it. It does make me think twice about growing some plants but I love the whole vibe of the show, plus I'm picking up lots of tips for growing things at our own allotment... Carrots in sand not soil? Going to try this! If you have not seen the show yet it's available here on the BBC iPlayer, and is well worth a watch.

I hope you are having as much fun getting out in your gardens as we are... Loving this hot weather too, roll on Summer!


Enamel Seed Box

Greenhouse Caddy

Allotment Tool and Tuck Box

Bird Feed Tin With Scoop

Shed Tidy Trug

Gardener Gubbins Pots

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