Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Be Inspired is going to be an ongoing celebration of creativity, where I will share some of the creative things I will be making and doing. Plus there is no better time to be creative than Christmas. Our first project in nice and simple and especially quick to make. The Ribbon garland could be made for any occasion and would look especially lovely at birthdays or weddings.

1 Reel of Ribbon
Double sided sticky tape or fabric glue
Tape measure

How To Make A Ribbon Garland

      • Measure and cut a 20cm length of your chosen ribbon. I found it much quicker to use the initial piece of cut ribbon as a size guide. Then cut continually until you reach the end of the reel. All of our Ribbon Selection is sold on a 3 meter roll (one roll will make 15 strips).
      • Then attatch a 1cm strip of double sided tape to the end of each strip. Press hard to ensure the tape has stuck well (glue can be used, but it is a lot messier and more problematic).
      • Take the first strip of ribbon, curl together to make a loop, pull off the edge of the sticky tape and attatch the other edge, it really is that simple.
      • Next thread another strip or ribbon through the first loop and stick as before. Repeat until all lengths of ribbon have been used or until the garland is the deired length.
      • Finally hang and admire your great work.

        Mixing different ribbons together also looks lovely. I will also be making a longer version of the garland with my daughter to decorate the Christmas tree. 

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        1. Hi Faye
          Thank you SO much for visiting my blog. I am thrilled to have found yours - it's gorgeous and I fancy making those ribbon garlands.
          Your fireplace (in earlier post) looks stunning too!
          Stay in touch. Am now going to become a follower of your lush blog.
          Love Gem xx x