Wednesday, 16 November 2011


It is now that time of year when I take out all my blankets and covers, and just relish the feeling of getting warm and cosy. I love lighting the fire then sitting down on my favourite comfy chair, wrapped in my wool blanket to read a good book. So this weekend I have promised myself that I will sit down with all of the Christmas books and magazines (that I have saved over the last few years) and make a start on our own festive planning list.

Each year I get excited about all the things I will make with my daughter, we have our own little tradition of things we make, and have done this ever since she was tiny. These are all things we have discussed making this week, whilst on our walk to school in the mornings... gingerbread house (made from scratch, I must add), it takes a whole day to make and assemble then decorate, cards, lots of different decorations and now the Christmas cake, last year was our first attempt at making the cake and it was a success, so we have decided to add this to the list too. A great many other little things will of course get added to the list once we have sat down and planned, so I can't wait to get started. This year my daughter is getting excited about the planning too, she has requested toasted marshmallow and a big mug of hot chocolate, to help us think and relax of course. Just thinking of writing the list has made me feel warm and happy. But for now I must get back to the huge amount of packing. Our Christmas range is doing very well again and some of our new items are nearly sold out, but we will be ordering them back in again next year.

Our fire in the dinning room, my favourite cosy place!

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